Mile High Behavioral Health


Individual Counseling

MHBH offers supportive individual services by providing constructive, alternative coping methods with strategies for individuals to implement these tools to improve his or her outlook.

We Address:

Behavioral Management • Conflict Resolution • Mental Health Concerns

Abuse • Trauma • Adjustment Issues • Acculturation • School Issues

Personal Enrichment

Marital and Couples Counseling

MHBH offers counseling to resolve issues in relationships with the focus of preserving the connection between individuals and offer tools to implement for a successful outcome.

We Address:

Relationship Conflict • Infidelity • Divorce

Relationship Enrichment

Family Counseling

MHBH is committed to improving interactions among family members to foster the relationships that are the foundation for emotional connections, support, and accountability to build family cohesiveness.

We Address:

Single Parent Empowerment • Blended Family Cohesiveness

Parenting • Family Enrichment

Group Therapy

MHBH offers therapy groups with peers to build awareness of societal pressures experienced in life’s challenges.  We work in groups to help the education process and build on each other’s experiences to enrich the lives of our members to cope with daily struggles.

We Address:

Parenting • Behavioral Challenges • Discipline Strategies

Multi-Family Support • DBT Skills Training • Anger Management

Substance Abuse


8801 E Hampden Ave

Suite #108

Denver, CO


To contact us:

Phone: (303) 960-6249

Fax: (303) 537-6923