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What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is used to help a family improve communication and resolve conflicts among themselves.  During family therapy the family’s strengths are used to help handle their problems and all members of the family are encouraged to take responsibility for problems.

What is Structural Family Therapy?

Structural family therapy is a strength-based, outcome oriented treatment used to help family members to interact and speak about the problem or issue. This technique emphasizes organizational issues, correcting dysfunctional hierarchies by putting parents in charge and differentiating between subsystems within families.

What is Strategic Family Therapy?

Strategic family therapy is focused on developing a strategy for changing a family’s interactional patters that revolve around a presenting problem. Strategic therapy’s main focus is on symptoms, hierarchy, and power within the family unit.

What is Behavioral Parent Training?

Behavioral parent training is a training program that aims to assist parents in learning how to more effectively manage their child’s behavior. This helps to alleviate problems behaviors and replaces them with more socially appropriate actions.