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Hilary Clyne, MSW

Each one of us has a unique life they are supposed to experience, but it can often get overshadowed. Uncovering what you want your life to look like and processing through the events that have prevented this lifestyle can be challenging. Together I can help you live the life you envisioned while working on the hard issues, by providing a safe, and easy to talk to manner.

I find individuals' personal stories to be fascinating and provide the space for them to feel heard. Often issues arise in individuals' lives and there are many factors that contribute to it. I take a look at the person holistically in order to understand the entire situation and environment of the individual. I provide honesty and direct feedback for individuals in order to obtain trust and grow as a person. In general, it is nice to have the opportunity to express your thoughts and emotions to someone dedicated to listening to you.

I have worked with adults with dual-diagnosis, substance use, mental health disorders, eating disorders, and relationship issues.

I understand how important relationship building is in order to feel safe to open up about hard to express issues. This is my first step in working with you and from there I create a unique treatment to suit your needs. Finding the right therapist is important and I am open to beginning that relationship with you.

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